I was tossing out the last of a bouquet I’d been given (yes, though I live and breathe flowers, I still like to receive ’em) and I got to thinking “Dratz! It would’ve been nice if it lasted longer!”  But that’s the deal with flowers.  They eventually have to kick it.  I know this.  I live this.  But still, it sure would’ve been nice if at least some of it had survived; something I could keep going just a little longer.  And there it was, a little “Aha!” moment for yours truly.  Why not a bouquet that mixes both the beauty of the season’s cut flowers with some heartier living plants?  A LIVING BOUQUET so to speak – well, at least in part.  A bouquet where, once the last of the blooms fade, I could pull out and pot the remaining elements in say, a terrarium or dish garden.   Its a classic bouquet with a sustainability twist in that its a gift that keeps on giving.  I dunno. I just dig the mix!

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