We were kicking around different ideas for Mother’s Day when my little one bounced in from her play kitchen and asked me (for the fragillionth time) to tie her apron. She was in the midst of making a lego pie – ( personally not a fan. Too crunchy. 😉 and the darn strings kept untying. As I looped it around her and tied it snugly at her belly, I got to thinking about motherhood and the familiar “apron string” trope and the irony before me that it was I who was tethered to my three year old’s strings and not the other way around. My strings? Well, she cut herself loose back when she took her first step and, in truth, never looked back, unless of course she needs me to tie or untie something 🙂 As she bounced out of the room, I decided two things 1) kids aprons should only ever have velcro and 2) that I would create for mother’s day this year something that celebrates the loving and sentimental connotation of the apron strings. Not only did I come up with what I think is a pretty gorgeous new arrangement but actually a whole new product was born. TaDa! The first in our little line of Fleur Couture, we have FlowerCrates exclusive “Apron Strings”.
Here’s the pitch:
A great splash of fun when you want to “dress up” a basic container. Putting together your own flowers, these mini aprons tie easily around an everyday florist vase creating an overall nostalgic look to your arrangement. Available in Sets of 3. The flowers at market this week are amazing! So, if you are interested in the finished product, we are offering them in an arrangement as well.

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