There is something special for me about these orders.  I get a little sentimental sometimes.  They feel more personal in a way, I guess.  While arranging and placing stems, I get to musing about the moment that will unfold around the table; around our flowers.  Family and friends coming together to break bread, to reunite, to celebrate a major accomplishment.  Toasts to a joyous occasion or maybe in loving memory.  Celebrations of a bride-to-be?  A mom-to-be? Is it a boy? Is it a girl?  Then there are the couples – fifty years and counting?  Wow! Fifteen? Four?  First anniversaries?  All worthy milestones.  Its a man or woman bravely putting their heart out there in the form of a question.  Will they say no? Will they say yes?  I really do think a little about these families and friends celebrating change.  Creating the arrangement further, adding a little greenery here and touch of texture there, I get wondering to what moment will my flowers be privy.    
Proud moments, moments of mourning, happy moments, moments of joy.

Life in transition. Life in celebration

And there in the middle of it, humble and quite, sits something FlowerCrates created.

I’ve come to realize and truly appreciate that we don’t just deliver flowers. Each arrangement we create carries with it our sincerity; our well wishes. It is a true honor for our flowers to be invited to these moments.

Man, I really dig my job! 🙂

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