As January is quickly coming to a close, we’re nearing the end of our 2014 Carnation feature.  And well, that’s probably a good thing.  With all the submissions received (thank ya. thank ya.) and pinterest posts on carnations, I gotta admit,  I think I’ve blurred over a bit.  Just a bit.  What was it I said exactly?  Ya know, back there in the beginning?  Something about “poor carnations” and their “abuse” and “overuse”?  Yeah, well, “that’s great, Kate.”  No sooner have they made their “great comeback”, than I get busy sending them out again  : ) That’s nice – that’s really nice. Oops!

All kidding aside,  Take a LOOK at this container!   I chose this FlowerCrates vase for a different reason.  Sure, chosen to still  celebrate the carnation.  But, also to illustrate a different way that we can both give and receive flowers: not IN the vase, but rather ON it!  I gotta say, I really do dig these containers – in both versatile colors, Petal (translation: not quite beige, not quite pink – I don’t understand why “petal”.  poetic advertising? ) and then there’s good ol’ Green.  I like green.  More than the colors though, I love the hand sculpted flowers – yep, they’re hand made. The details are remarkable and render each one a unique find.  They’re just -well, they’re just lovelyand all on their own, too, with no need for much fuss.  I promise, a simple plant and you’ve got the perfect gift.  Or, even better a GREAT DIY centerpiece!   I titled my post tonight, “It’s All In The Details”, and it’s true ’cause these details?  They really bring the “WOW” factor.

So, what else?
Three Sizes, Two Colors, and they start at $16.
Ummm – oh, and Available While Supplies Last!  That’s a very important note. : )

Also, I almost forgot.  This item DOES ship!!!  So to all our friends beyond our current reach, this one’s for you ; ).  For my local yokels, not only can we deliver ’em but remember we can get ya the plants, too.  Hint:  These would rock with ferns, spider plants, ivy or a cool mix thereof.  Personally, I’d like three of the small green with herbs on my own kitchen island.

Give us a call today (or tomorrow – it’s too late now.)

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